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Timothy Casey B.Sc.(Hons.): Consulting Geologist   

Geologist 1011; About me.

Experience, qualifications, and capabilities:
prerequisites for success in the most challenging roles.



In the decade spanning 1996-2005, I've worked in the petroleum industry in both Surat and Cooper/Eromanga Basins. I've chip-logged, worked as a well-site geologist and supervised small drilling rigs. During quiet times I worked for my software business and I have substantial IP ownership to show for my successes.

My activities, from 2006 to the present time, have revolved around scientific research, based on a series of experiments, which are presently ongoing and form a part of a major investigation into academic fraud and negligence in the highly politicised arena of anthropogenic global warming. Preliminary findings, based on an initial and minor portion of the pre-research literature review, are documented at:



I graduated from the University of Melbourne on ISO:1996-March-16 and have a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours by research; majoring in geology.

I also have a training and assessment certification, a senior first aid ticket, & a 4x4 certificate.



The capacity to research a topic goes hand in hand with strong problem solving ability. My IT skills are a product of a keen research capability, while my web site is a testament to my problem solving skills. These problem solving skills give me an edge in investigative activities and have allowed me to express myself beyond the putative limitations of my qualifications.

After all, verifiable facts speak for themselves. It follows that inferences drawn directly from such verifiable facts are just as reliable irrespective of whether the inference is made by a professor or a pre-schooler because the verifiable fact and its inference can always be independently verified by the reader - irrespective of either the reader's or the writer's level of qualification.


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